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Analysis of 2 pages of this video so I can do the attached requirements

Based on the course readings for this section analysis the communication strategies Mark McGwire employed to help restore his brand in an interview with Bob Costas regarding to his admission of using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Identify and explain as many of the strategies found in chapter 10 and Coombs’ paper that appear in the interview. Describe how effective – or not – McGwire was utilizing the strategies. Assessments of McGwire’s restoration strategies must be rooted in the course materials for this portion of the course.

The analysis of the McGwire interview should be as has been referred to as a video blog where individuals are afforded the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, feelings, and information via a visual platform. It is a dynamic way to share information that is often difficult to capture with text or in print. For this vlog assignment, the crisis communication response strategies can be found in the Communicating in Times of Crisis chapter of the textbook and the Managing Reputational Assets during a Crisis manuscript attached in module four. You will be graded on the depth of your analyses regarding the crisis situation and how well you incorporate information from the class textbook and accompanied article to support your evaluation of the McGwire interview with Costas.

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