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Metz Management 3500 Lord of War Quiz

“Some people call me the Lord of War, but perhaps it is you.” – Andre “It’s not Lord of War; it’s Warlord.” -Yuri
“Thank you, but I prefer it my way.” – Andre

Answer each of the following questions. You can add as much detail as you need to fully explain your answer. Some questions will require some added explanation and detail, which will prove you understand these larger concepts. There is an extra credit question, which very, very few answer correctly. Take a shot at it good luck.

  1. Yuri goes into the gun business to provide what he calls, “a basic human need.” What does he mean? Be specific.
  2. Why doesn’t Yuri open a gun shop?
  3. Who is Simeon Weiss? Who does he work for?
  4. Why does Yuri throw his son’s toy gun in the trash?
  5. Yuri says selling guns is like selling vacuum cleaners. What does he
    mean by this?
  6. Vitali is a very important character. Yuri asks Vitali, “Why are you so
    fucked up all the time? Why? Why? Why?” Vitali provides no answer. Explain why is Vitali so messed up? (Hint: it is NOT because of his drug addiction.)
  7. In the end, Yuri is released from custody. Why does he escape from justice? Or, does he? Explain.


EXTRA CREDIT: If you get this answer right, you get extra credit.

By the end of the film, Yuri says that he and Andre are the same. He says, “it was like looking in a mirror – we saw something in each other that neither one of us liked.” Explain what Yuri means. How has this businessman and this warlord become so similar?

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