Authentication and authorization methodologies presentation-jessica | CMGT431 Information Systems Security | University of Phoenix

Once a user is authenticated in an organization’s network, that user is authorized to access certain data based on the information security principle of least privilege. 

Your CEO and CIO need options for the organization’s authentication and authorization methodologies. Recommendations should include how to mitigate the impact and risks from vulnerabilities.

Create an 9- to 11-slide, media-rich presentation in Microsoft® PowerPoint® for the organization you chose in Week 1. Your audience is the CEO and the CIO, so the presentation must be professional and targeted at an executive audience. Include speaker notes to show what points you are covering during the presentation. Ensure you provide:

  • Descriptions of at least 3 roles employed in the organization you chose in Week 1
  • Descriptions of at least 3 common attacks against access control methods, including the password policy vulnerability as described in the vulnerability report
  • Countermeasures to reduce vulnerabilities and mitigate potential attacks on access control methods
  • Note: A media-rich presentation should include multimedia such as graphics, pictures, video clips, or audio.

    Format your all references and citations according to APA guidelines. Given that this is an academic assignment, additional research outside of the class materials to support the assertions in the document is expected.

    Submit your assignment in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

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