Bonding theories in general chemistry

 Bonding Theories in General Chemistry

 Applying Lewis Model, VSEPR, Valence Bond and Molecular Orbital Theories. 

     **The Concept Map** 

 •Prepare a concept map on “molecular shapes”. The concept maps must include the following “categories” (information): Octet rule, Lewis and VSEPR theory, Valence Bond(and hybridization), and Molecular Orbitals.

     **Construct a virtual 3D model**

Choose a molecule with everyday life application, like a drug, natural biological, organic synthetic, other. The Molecule must contain the following 

 •10 atoms•At least 1 double and/or triple bond (sigma and pi bonds).

 •Prepare a 3D model (virtual). Virtual: you can use an app (3D Molecules Editor), oronyour computer (, or any other you find.

     **Show and Tell** 

Write an essay (1000 words) including the following:

 •Explaining your concept map.

 •Tell 3 facts about the molecule you choose

 •Use your concept map to explain your model. In your explanation include the following information: pi and sigma bonds, hybridization and, if present, resonance and “charge distribution”(electron rich/electron poor areas).

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