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This assignment is actually pretty straightforward.  I want One Page from each of you (not 3 pages, not one paragraph), analyzing your personal strengths, specifically things that an employer would be looking for.  Examples would be things like organized, friendly, approachable, detail oriented, honest, considerate, smart, quick to learn new tasks, deal effectively with all kinds of people, etc.  Easy, right? Except I don’t want this data to be your own opinion, it has to come from another source.  You will have to turn in 1 page of discussion that you wrote (not just a copy of the data) telling me 1) what the source of your data is, 2) whether you agree or disagree with each assessment (and why) and 3) how you may use that information to your benefit in your work/organization.

Spelling, grammar, and clear writing count as a big part of this grade (just like they do at work).  As always, I am using TurnitIn for this  assignment, and you should also remember how much I love late assignments.  

Now the question becomes where are you going to get that data, and I have a few suggestions…

The link above purchases the official Strengthsquest code from Gallup for $19.99.  This is useful if you have no idea what your strengths actually are as an employee, and you want to know all about it.  Several of the assignments we have this semester require you to list strengths and “sell yourself” like we all have to do in business.  This is a topic you will revisit a few times in this course, and is a good to know about yourself.  So, one option is to pay for this assessment.

An alternate source for this is the same product on Amazon (cheaper), or using some other previously taken test of this type.  For example, if you have taken Organization Behavior recently, or another class that uses any type of personal assessment tool, you can use a self test from another coursethat could help you determine the same thing, as long as it identifies strengths you have. 

A free online version of a test like this is available from

Another free one is at (site is actually sponsored by Red Bull, which may appeal to some)

You can also ask two or more other people who you believe will give you solid, unbiased feedback about what they believe your strengths are.  If you choose this option, please do not use your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone else who already professes that you are wonderful.  You need honest feedback for this assignment.  We are looking for 3 to 5 standout strengths of yours.

NOTE: YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUY ANY PRODUCT TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT.   How much you spend on an assessment tool will have no impact on your grade.  I just wanted to list some options for you.

The strengths an individual brings to an organization can be used to develop how they interact with others in a variety of settings (work, school, groups, other organizations).  This assignment should help you get to know you a bit better.  

The paper is due September 12.  Remember to upload it to D2L, and check the TurnitIn Score!

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