Create a multimedia powerpoint presentation demonstrating your


Create a multimedia PowerPoint presentation demonstrating your understanding of race and ethnicity, and their impact on social relations in America. Your presentation MUST include commentary on the following:

  • Race and Ethnicity as social constructs
  • An exploration of dominant culture
  • The impact of dominant ideals and systems on minorities (Highlight racial disparities in the Criminal Justice System, education, employment, housing options, lending practices, and/or healthcare)

You are free to add additional content areas that you deem relevant, as long as you’ve included the information above. Structural requirements are as follows:

  1. Title Slide (Not included in the required number of slides)
  2. 12-15 slides for content
  3. 1000 words of written commentary dispersed throughout your presentation
  4. Inclusion of at least 2 video clips in support of your points (You can use YouTube)
  5. Robust photo imagery that enhances your analysis
  6. At least 3 sources, cited within your work
  7. Work Cited/Reference Slide (Not included in the required number of slides
  10. racial-disparities-education-achievement-2186132-2
  11. racial-inequality-college-and-workplace

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