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  MLA 8 style,  2-3 pages on hip hop dance

Use the thesis statement below.  You may change it up if you have to. Write about the history of hip hop dance mentioning the dance styles listed in the thesis. You may change it up or add as need be,

Thesis statement: 

 Different types of dance styles are used in hip hop, depending on the message and audience. As dancers, it is essential to align the dancing style to pass the hip-hop message being communicated. B-boying is the first and come dance associated with hip hop dancing, and it is also referred to as break dancing. It is characterized by acrobatic moves guided by the sound and message of the particular hip-hop song. The footwork moves are also applied as part of the dance as the dancer moves the body and freezes depending on the tempo of the music. Locking is another style while dancing hip hop, which includes faster movement of body parts with a short pause with exaggerated technical gestures. Funk style is another dance style used in hip hop dance and applies sharp and fluid movements, which are highly choreographed. Therefore, hip hop is a better music type that applies different dancing styles. 

You may use the works cited page attachment for the reference page and add to it. The sources listed must be in reference page but you do not need to use

 your are DEFENDING your initial thesis statement should take at least several well constructed paragraphs. 

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