Due today in 7 hours ….. child development

this assignment is due in 7 hours and there is no extended time 

Part 1: this you can make up and is based on active listening with 5 other people. Conversations you have with others.  You can make this up. Remember 5 situations.  Can be about anything in USA

1. Record each situation, what you said and what the response by the person you were listening to was.

  • Reflect on the following questions:
    • Was it hard or easy for you to try to communicate using this skill? How did it make you feel? 
    • Was the response to your attempts to active listen during these particular situations similar to or different from what you expected? How?
    • Why and How would you incorporate this type of communication in your work with children?
    • *Make sure to make connections to the attachments 

Part 2: use the conflict resolution steps attachment to do this 

watch the video:  Active Listening/Problem Solving – YouTube 

Describe the scenario

Cleary Identify the steps within the scenario with your explanation use conflict resolution attachment

Discuss what you took away from it- 1. What surprised you? 2. Did the children feel empowered? How? 3. What did you think of the teacher interaction? How did it support the process? 4. What skills were facilitated?

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