Eassay – on one of these 3 topics, any is fine

 1) In analyzing the works of 2-3 authors, examine how Modernist literature changes from Victorian literature. What are the values of each respective generation?  Why did this change take place?  Think about the historical events of both eras.  

2) Stream of Consciousness is a major trope of modernist literature.  Analyze the use of this literary tool in the works of Conrad and Eliot and how it reflects the early twentieth century.

3) Modernism was marked by a change in philosophical, psychological, and social thought.  Choose one or two of these changes and show how they come to be manifested in the works of a couple modernist writers (Yeats, Eliot, Conrad).

 This paper should be no more than 3 pages (but use all 3 pages!), typed, double-spaced, one inch margins, title but no title page, MLA in-text citations, Works Cited Page (this does not count in terms of page #s), a header that includes your name, date, class #.  This is a formal essay, meaning no first person (this is not a personal reflective essay), no colloquial language, proper spelling and grammar.  I want to see close reading, so know how to properly integrate quotations.  You will need 1 or 2 secondary sources for support; these are to be legitimate academic articles you can find via jstor.org or the library database (NO WIKIPEDIA, CLIFFS NOTES…ETC). 

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