Facilities, design layout and equipment


Part 1

The food service facilities’ design and layout have a great impact upon its productivity for employees and the overall ambiance. This directly affects the customer’s perception of their dining experience. If there is poor design, inadequate lighting, or loud music your customers will be uncomfortable, receive slow service, leave and never return. They will also talk negatively to many of their friends, family and friends of friends.

Through this discussion you will identify environmental and sustainable practices that can be incorporated into an efficiently run workplace.

You are a General Manager (GM) of a medium size hotel. The Food Production and Service areas are to be redesigned and new equipment purchased.

· Discuss your concerns as the GM that would apply to the kitchen operation such as workflow, layout, storage, etc.

· Also comment on environmental concerns you would take into account concerning current trends and sustainable practices.

300 words

Part 2

Have you ever considered working in this industry, being part of a team or organization that provides customers with service? Through this activity you will look closely at the work design and layout of a food service operation.

Visit a restaurant or hotel near where you live. Perhaps you are already working at such an organization or institution.

· Are there any sustainable practices being incorporated into the day-to-day food service operations?

· Look at the workflow – can this be improved to become more efficient? Suggest some possibilities.

· How about the visible storage and work areas – can these be improved to be more efficient?

300 words

· Please do assignments on different pages.

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