Global east asia response paper



In your response paper, identify an important new concept, theory, or insight about globalization from Steger Chap. 4 “Political dimension of globalization” and discuss it in relation to the assigned readings by Scappatura “The U.S. Pivot to Asia” and McCormack “North-Korea and a rules-based order.” Maximum: 400 words (approximately three paragraphs)

Your response paper prepares you for Wed. Recitation Section, where you will have a chance to talk about your ideas with your classmates.

*The response paper is worth 10 pts. and will be graded based on the following rubric: 

  1. Response      shows good understanding of at least one new concept, theory, or insight      from Steger Chap. 4 (3 pts.)
  2. The concept,      theory, or insight is applied appropriately to both assigned readings      on East Asia (3 pts.)
  3. Discussion is      accurate and supported with relevant examples (4 pts.)

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