Health care accounting discussion post

Review the four financial statements discussed in Chapter 1. Then answer the following questions in your initial response:

  • You have been assigned one of the four financial statements listed in the table below by the first initial of your Last Name. You will need to address each of the following items in your initial response based on the assigned financial statement:
  1. Explain its purpose and identify the information can be derived from the financial statement. 
  2. Explain what you think is the major purpose of the financial statements and the healthcare manager’s use of these statements.
  3. Discuss how you will use the financial statements in your health care career.

Week 1 Discussion table financial statements.PNG

Word Count: 175- to 265-words. Use your own thoughts, experience and viewpoint of the readings. Do not copy from the internet.

RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS: APA Formatting is required if you use information from a source to develop your response. Use citations where appropriate and list references. All citations and references must be in APA format. Only 15% of the content can be source material. If you write in your own words, only the reference is required.

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