Health communication paper | health communication | Campbell University

Can you do a paper 6-8 pages about one health issue. the article has to be an empirical article (inside of the article we have to find method and result). I already picked one article with one health issue.

Free to you to pick another article if you don’t like the article that I brought but make sure that it will be an empirical article that you pick. 


You will select one peer reviewed, academic article relating to health communication and write a 6-8 page (not including title and references), APA formatted paper critiquing the article.  It can be any research conducted relating to health communication, but all articles must be approved by me.  Your paper should include 

A) a 1.5 page max summary of the article including a brief description of any theory used, the methods, results, and discussion 

B) A critical assessment of the article (requires critical thinking) pointing out any flaws, problems, issues with the article (besides those listed as limitations in the paper) or what the article did exceedingly well

C) An analysis of the academic contributions of the article and implications for the field of health communication

I have to do a presentation of the paper that you will do, I uploaded the presentation evaluation form to help you to do the paper. 

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