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Assignment Scenario:

You are a director within your healthcare system at one of the local healthcare facilities and serve as an ad hoc ethics committee member. Your healthcare system’s ethics committee is a multidisciplinary team composed of physicians, nurses, social workers, administrators, chaplains, and other employees. The primary ethics team members include your Committee Chair, which is your Chief Nursing Officer, your company’s Legal Counsel, a Local Ethics Advisor, and several ad-hoc members.  A situation has recently occurred at your facility, the ethics committee has requested your assistance to review the information and will require you to present this information at the next meeting.

There are four cases that you may select to complete this assignment, two from an eBook, one for an Arxis Financial, and one from the AMA Journal of Ethics on a case in Long Term Care. Information for the cases has been provided below. You will complete the Ethical Decision-Making Steps Template for this assignment. Supporting external evidence will need to be presented using APA 7th Edition formatting. Your references should be from the last five years, collected from the Week 6 to Week 7 course content, and you may include a maximum of two additional resources outside of the weekly content from your own personal research. Include a coverage page and a reference page with your Ethical Decision-Making Steps Template. Click this hyperlink for the template: Ethical Decision Making Steps Template

Links to the support you in your assignment:

Option 1 and Option 2: eBook Cases

There are two cases presented in Chapter 4, starting on page 54, of the Organizational Behavior and Theory in Healthcare: Leadership Perspectives and Management Applications eBook. Link to UMGC Library eBook: Organizational Behavior and Theory in Healthcare: Leadership Perspectives and Management Applications by Stephen Walston

Option 3: PDF of a Corporate Fraud Case involving HealthSouth

HealthSouth: A Case Study in Corporate Fraud by Chris Hamilton from Arxis Financial, Inc. Please click this hyperlink to access the ethics case PDF : Option 3 PDF of HealthSouth Ethics Case Study

Option 4: PDF of Ethics Case – Ethics and Intimate Sexual Activity in Long-Term Care

Please click the hyperlink to access the ethics case PDF: AMA Journal of Ethics Case Study in Long Term Care

ACHE Ethics Toolkit: Click the hyperlink to access the ACHE Ethics Toolkit Website ACHE Ethics Toolkit

ACHE Making Ethical Decisions (PDF) An article from Healthcare Executive magazine that outlines the multi-step process for ethical decision makingClick the hyperlink to access the ACHE Making Ethical Decisions (PDF): ACHE Ethical Decision Making Steps

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