Hello, the prompt that i will send it to you need some explanation.


The midterm essay questions are designed to make you think about the material we have covered in class and to synthesize this material in a coherent manner. You will need to think about the WHOLE and how the parts fit together into this whole

Directions: Write an organized, coherent and cohesive essay for each prompt. Your essays should be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font, size 12. Your essays must be organized and well-written, and you MUST use material from lectures, guest speaker presentations, films, and readings to support your arguments. You may work alone, in pairs, or in groups of three. (8 PAGES)

Grading: Your grade will be based on: 1. Articulation of concepts and discussion 2. Comprehensiveness of response 3. Cohesion 4. Use of class material 5. Engagement

Part I (25 Points)

2. Adrianna B. Catcher was suffering from a serious bout of anger. She was unable to sleep at night, awakening periodically, and experienced frequent outbursts of rage. She finally went to see her medicine person/healer about this condition.

Assuming you are the healer who is treating Ms. Catcher, explain how would you diagnose and treat this illness in Curanderismo(mexican) medical traditions. How would you provide an explanation for the cause of this illness IN FULL, contextualizing it in terms of world views and views of the body in Curanderismo traditions? In your explanation, incorporate a discussion of EITHER personalistic vs. naturalistic etiologies OR the principle of equilibrium, including the assumptions that underlie these concepts in terms of world views, anatomy, illness causation explanation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment

Hello, the prompt that I will send it to you need some explanation.

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