Henry molaison case | Education homework help

 This is a discussion question response to a student′s response on a discussion board. I have to respond to a student response that I have posted on here. Have to have at least 1 source Henry Molaison (H.M.) suffered from epilepsy and was having regular debilitating seizures from the age of 15. At 27, he underwent an experimental procedure in the hopes of reducing the symptoms of his epilepsy, called a bilateral medial temporal lobotomy, later renamed bilateral medial temporal lobe resection. During this operation, H.M.’s medial temporal lobe was removed, this included the hippocampus and its surrounding region. After the operation H.M. suffered anterograde amnesia, meaning he was unable to make any new memories. This led to the discovery that the hippocampus was important for the process of memory consolidation. However, motor skill learning and procedural memory remained intact (Augustinack, Kouwe, Salat, Benner, Stevens, Annese, 

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