I have a grading guide. also we are working with mcdonalds in japan.


Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes that presents the global advertising and executive summary portion of the Global Marketing Plan. This portion of the plan presents the global advertising strategy for your company.

  • Prepare the executive summary that will be included at the beginning of the presentation. This part of your plan must be no more than 350 words and describe how each element of the plan ties together to meet the goals of your plan. This is not an abstract, but rather a high-level overview. Place the entire summary in your speaker notes and use highlights in your slide presentation.
  • Evaluate the management of global products that are similar to those offered by your organization.
  • Briefly discuss the various methodologies and techniques that can be used to promote your product in the global market – specifically e-commerce and social media.

I have a grading guide. Also we are working with McDonalds in Japan. This is a group assignment. I am only responsible for the 3 bullets listed above. Please make it around 3-4 slides only.  

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