It access auditing tools (due 20 may) (4 pages) (4 references)


1) APA 7th Ed format (to include introduction and conclusion)

2) Due 20 May

3) 4 Page minimum (not including title page and APA references)

4) Minimum of 4 References (including the 1 provided/uploaded)

5) Plagiarism-Free

Background/Required Reading/REQUIRED References:


Write a 4-page paper, to include introduction, body, conclusion, addressing the following scenario in your paper:

Continuing your work as an Information Assurance Consultant review tools to perform a quarterly review of access rights for a company with two thousand employees. The access reviewer is to have access to a list of active employees and employees terminated in the past 90 days.

Provide an access review of the following systems: physical access, computer network, VPN, system, database, and applications.

The following link is a listing of some current access tools:

Use these sites to help you describe the type of tools you would recommend as an Information Assurance Consultant.

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