Journal | Literature homework help


Socrates claims that he is  wiser than the other citizens of Athens, even though he is ignorant. Why  does he claim this? How does his ‘human wisdom’ relate to his god-given  mission? Socrates also claims that what he is doing is highly beneficial  to the citizens of Athens. Why does he believe this ? Evaluate either  his claim that he is wiser than the other citizens of Athens or that he  greatly benefits the citizens of Athens by questioning them as he does.  


 1. Journals must be saved in a Word document and attached to the link below
2. Journals must be formatted in MLA style
3. Each journal must be 600 – 800 words
4. The journals must be a response to the prompt about the assigned reading. The answers must be analytical and insightful.
5. Do NOT summarize the story.
6. Each journal must be written in good grammar

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