Managerial economics w5a | Economics homework help

Due in 12 hrs!!!!! NO PLAGIARISM!!!!

A synthesis helps individuals to identify and understand the main points of each selected source and how they relate to each other. Please analyze and contrast the Introduction and Literature Review of these articles on Friedman. Please provide a synthesis discussing his economic impact. All Articles can be found in EBSCO.

·         Ashford, R. (2010). Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom: A Binary Economic Critique. Journal of Economic Issues (Taylor & Francis Ltd), 44(2), 533–541.

·         Hetzel, R. L. (2007). The Contributions of Milton Friedman to Economics. Economic Quarterly (10697225), 93(1), 1–30. Retrieved from!

·         Mulligan, T. (1986). A Critique of Milton Friedman’s Essay “The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits.” Journal of Business Ethics, 5(4), 265–269.

·         Popov, G. (1990). The Rebellion Against Keynesianism: Milton Friedman. Problems of Economics, 33(5), 99.

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