Mo2 i.r | Architecture and Design homework help

M02 – Internet Research: Legal Responsibilities

  • Select ONE option.
  • Write a minimum of three paragraphs for option 1.  
  • For option two complete the copyright form + write a minimum of one paragraph about it. 
  • Submit in M02 – Due!

1. Investigate the Websites of the state attorney general’s office of the state in which you wish to work concerning cyberlaw issues. What is valid for cyber law + how does it affect the interior design practice?


2. Research the forms for copyright on the Internet. Fill out a form as if they were to send it in for copyright protection of a design project.  Next, write a minimum of one paragraph describing the item you are applying copyright for.

Copy and paste the URL(s) from the website(s) used for your research at the bottom of your papr.

 Only submit .pdf files. 

Work saved as .ZIP, or other files will not be graded.

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