Mod 1 tivo case study

TiVo Case Study
After carefully reading Case #24: TiVo, Inc: TiVo vs. Cable and Satellite DVR; Can TiVo Survive? Answer the following questions thoroughly in a paper of 5-7 double-spaced pages. Your paper must be well-written, organized, and adhere to the  APA Requirements.

  1. Regarding TiVo’s marketing strategy: What is the main marketing strategy for TiVo? Is the strategy sufficient to bring glory or at least give profitability for TiVo? Are changes needed in order for TiVo to perform better, in terms of marketing their product? 
  2. Regarding TiVo’s future: Do you agree with the following statement? Why or why not? 

“Without financial back up, it is hard to see TiVo’s existence last long in such a highly competitive industry unless TiVo does something about it.”

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