Need in 10 hours or less powerpoint

For this assignment, you will first locate a community health needs assessment. Use one of these links to find a community health assessment.

Once you have located a health assessment, choose one priority health need, and develop a health program for that need. Imagine you are submitting your full program plan to key stakeholders in your community.

For this assignment, you will submit a PowerPoint presentation delivering your program plan to stakeholders.

In your PowerPoint presentation, you should cover background information about your community, the top three needs found from the community health assessment, the top need that your program will address, the program implementation plan you will utilize, and the program evaluation plan.

Remember that you are presenting this to key stakeholders, so your presentation should be professional, informative, and interesting in order to garner their support.

Follow this outline for your presentation.

Slide 1: Title slide including the presentation title, your name, Columbia Southern University, and the date Slide 2: Provide information about the community from the health assessment 

Slide 3: Identify and explain the three needs from the community health assessment 

Slides 4-5: Provide state and national data about the top three needs 

Slides 6-7: Explain the health program you have chosen for the priority need 

Slides 8-9: Explain your program implementation plan 

Slides 10-11: Explain your program evaluation plan 

Slide 12: Explain the impact of economic, social, and political factors on health policy (health decisions, actions, and plans) as it pertains to the top need you created a program for 

Slide 13: References slide

PowerPoint must Include peer-review references from an Online Library in your presentation.

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