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Page Layout With CSS


You have created your Web pages, navigation, and text that use CSS. Now it is time to concentrate on how CSS can control page layout to ensure consistency across all pages. It is also time to customize the layout of each page to appropriately accommodate content using CSS.

In this assignment, you will create a liquid layout for your site and add the final text copy to your pages while ensuring the same level of consistency across all of the pages through CSS. Liquid layouts are designed to resize the page components as the page width changes. Regardless of the browser width or device width, the user will not have to do any horizontal scrolling as all of the page components will be resized to fit the elements within the page width. This liquid layout would apply to all pages and all sections of the page including the header, navigation, content, and footer areas**

And 2 Discussions replies.

**Week 3 – Due in 4HRS**

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