Phil 1010 | Philosophy homework help


Using the text and online resources in this module, summarize any video, and respond to one of the following focused questions in at least 500 words. (Be sure to cite online sources by author or title and date as well as Web address/URL.)

Focused Questions:

  1. Summarize Aristotle’s approach to moral philosophy by concentrating on virtue. How does he apply the golden mean in his Nicomachean Ethics?
  2. Describe Kant’s approach to ethics through Deontology or duty. Explain his categorical imperative and the concept of “good will.”
  3. Describe the utilitarian approach to moral philosophy of Bentham and Mill. How does Singer extend this reasoning to animal rights as part of the greater good?
  4. Consider the existential approaches to moral philosophy through Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus, and de Beauvoir. Which do you find the most interesting? Explain why.
  5. Compare and contrast the ethics of care with the Kantian approach to ethics. How does this approach transcend reason toward a feminist approach to ethics?

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