Project 3 | Accounting homework help

In this role you will be seen as an accounting expert leading the organization’s accounting function, which includes optimizing

systems and processes. We’d like to learn about your experience managing projects and/or system implementations. Please

share 1-2 work samples that demonstrate you setting the vision and managing the plan for a project or new system/tool

implementation end to end.

Then, write a brief reflection for the work sample(s) you have chosen using the guiding questions below. Please keep your

reflection to no more than a half page per work sample.

● What was your contribution to shape the work sample(s) you shared?

● What were the specific outcomes you were trying to accomplish? How did you work with stakeholders to meet your


● What challenges did you incur? How did you mitigate them?

● How did you measure success?

● What, if anything, would you do differently?

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