Research-based marketing plan revised final proposal – pricing,

Background information:

1. Review the 4.3 document that was originally submitted in the attachments

2. Review 4.3 professor feedback and 4.3 peer feedback documents in the attachments.

3. Modify the 4.3 document by incorporating the feedback from professor and peer by adding an additional 250 words to the existing document. the existing document has around 1050 words. Incorporate the changes that the professor asked for in additional 250 words which will make the complete document to 1300 words.

4. Try to incorporate the changes for all the comments from the professor and peer. 

5. Follow the below instructions on how to write that document.


  1. This is your revised final draft of the pricing, promotion, and distribution section of your consultant’s report. It is based on what you posted in the 4.3 Discussion document and on your peer’s feedback(find in attachments) and professors feedback (find in attachments)
  2. Your revised final report must integrate your peer’s alternative analysis or recommendation as an alternative perspective as part of your final report. You must either accept your peer’s perspective as a replacement to your initial proposal based on adequate credible theory and current marketing practice to accept it or you must provide adequate credible theory and current marketing practice to reject it. If you accept it as the correct analysis or recommendation, then the peer alternative will become the primary focus of your final paper, and your original analysis and/or recommendation will be noted as an alternative perspective that you have rebutted through cited research. If you do not accept the alternative, then you only need to discuss it as an alternative and provide objective and qualified reasons to reject it.
  3. Use the titles in the Market Analysis Report Template to create six sections for this part of the consultant’s report: 
    1. Analysis of Current Pricing Models in the Market
    2. Analysis of Current Promotional Models in the Market
    3. Analysis of Current Distribution Models in the Market
    4. Recommended Pricing Strategy for JGJ Inc.
    5. Recommended Promotional Strategy for JGJ Inc.
    6. Recommended Distribution Strategy for JGJ Inc.
  4. The body of your paper (i.e. excluding title page, graphics, appendices, and references page) must be 1300 words (+/- 50 words).
  5. You must use, cite, and reference at least five credible sources not provided in the course documents, plus at least one source provided in the course documents.
  6. Your paper must be formatted to current APA standards including title page, body of the paper, citations, headings, graphics, appendices, and references page

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