Social stratification/inequality and gender-part i

Social Inequality: Patterns and Processes    Read Chapter 11.     

Topic 6/ 100 words   

 Identify your position on affirmative action explaining through your personal alignment with a theoretical perspective. Provide an example of where you see this occurring. Where and how is affirmative action demonstrated in your work setting, school setting, and community?        

Topic 6/ 100 words    

Examine the gender wage gap in Table 11.3 on page 344 of the textbook. Identify three contributing factors to the changes noted and three contributing factors to this continued practice. How can it be rectified? Explain.       

 Topic 6/ 100 words    

How do gender stereotypes contribute to occupational concentration as seen in Table 11.2 on page 340 of the textbook? What do you think has contributed to the change over time?        

Social Stratification Part III: Gender     

Write a Social Stratification/Inequality and Gender-Part I1,000-word analysis on social stratification regarding gender.    Choose a social institution to describe and analyze the effect that the stratification elements of gender have on that social institution. Include the following in your analysis:   Explain how gender impacts the social institution.    Identify a form of gender inequality associated with the social institution and use theoretical perspectives to explain the social behaviors that perpetuate the inequality.    Suggest measures for the social institution to implement to help alleviate the gender inequality you identified.     Provide a minimum of three to five scholarly sources to support your analysis and conclusion. Additionally, you will need to include statistical data of the expression of stratification regarding gender within the social institution.

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