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NOTE:  This information includes guidelines related to the persuasive speech assignment.  Please attach the required materials to the appropriate assignments.      Be sure to review the general speech guidelines included in the syllabus.  

Persuasive Speech: Each student will give a 5- to 6-minute persuasive speech using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Pattern.  This 125 point assignment includes the following: (1) the oral presentation (100 points) and (2) the typed planning document which includes the outline and works cited page in MLA format (25 points).  The overall goal is that students prepare and present a persuasive speech; therefore, no portion of this assignment can be omitted.  Failure to complete all of the assignment will result in a zero for the entire assignment.  In other words, no partial credit is given for speeches. This is not a sales presentation it is persuasive in attempting to affect the audience behavior.

Videos of persuasive speeches using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Pattern. You may need to copy address and paste into your browser.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NZKuWtl2kk  Very Good

Use the links below to assist you in preparing your persuasive speech


Also review the attachments prior to starting the assignment. 

  1. Persuasive Speech Rubric (outlines how your speech will be evaluated)
  2. Template for Organizing the Persuasive Speech

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