Test your understanding questions | Information Systems homework help

  Answer in detail, and APA format

Question – What four things do physical layer standards govern?

Questions – 

a) How many wires are there in Ethernet cable?

b) How is each pair organized?

c) What are the two names for connectors and jacks?

d) How does Ethernet use parallel transmission? 

e) What is the benefit of parallel transmissions?

f) What propagation problem limits transmission distance in 4 -pair UTP?


a) How does fiber usually transmit a 1?

b) How do fiber cords typically provide full-duplex transmission?

c) In what units are light wavelengths measured?

d) What are the three wavelength windows used in fiber transmission?

e) What is amplitude?

Questions – 

a) What is a mode?

b) What is a multi-mode fiber?

c) What limits transmission distance in multi-mode fiber?

 Complete the thought Questions 5:1 and 5:4 uploaded below

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