The graphic novel battle lines consists of 15 chapters, each one


The graphic novel Battle Lines consists of 15 chapters, each one featuring an object (i.e. opera glasses at Manassas; a mosquito for the siege of Vicksburg) or a particular source (i.e. a diary at Andersonville prison) that serves as the focal point of the narration and artistic presentation. 8 For this assignment you will write up a 5 page – double-spaced, 12 point font, stapled – proposal paper for a hypothetical chapter 16 for Battle Lines.

You will go to one of the websites listed below and find your own primary source document – anything written by anyone from 1860 to 1870 – that you think would be a excellent addition to the book. You will analyze that source, put it in context, and give an argument as to why this source would be appropriate to be the central image for an added chapter to Battle Lines. Of course, you do not have to draw anything. This assignment is about the source and what light it might shed on some aspect of the Civil War. You are to do some research to find what you think is an underexplored part of the Civil War experience that needs further development in Battle Lines. Think about what’s not in the book. Find a source that captures a theme of the war perfectly or a document that speaks eloquently about some aspect of the war experience. In section you will have explored documents that accompany each one of the chapters, so you should be familiar with the approach. * double-spaced, stapled, 12 point font, 4-6 pages * due in class on 5 December * it is worth 15% of your total grade. * you will print and attach the source to the back of your paper and provide the web address (URL) from where you found it. à à à THE SOURCE DOES NOT COUNT AS PART OF YOUR PAGE COUNT. Here are a few approved websites that have Civil War documents online: 1.… 2. (especially good for the Confederate homefront) 3.… 4.… 5. ***Any documents taken from sources other than these sites need to be approved by either your teaching assistant or Professor Parkinson.***

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