The moon woman by jason pollock | Criminal justice | Grambling State University


Write about The Moon Woman painting by Jason Pollock must be 700 WORDS 

In this your job is to figure out and describe, explain, and interpret artistic decisions and why the artist may have made them.

Like -don’t like should not be in their the text.

Personal opinions must be supported  by explanation or justification

Name of the student, class, assignment.

  1. The name of the artist and the artwork,
  2. Image of the artwork
  3. Short description of the artwork.
  4. What elements has artist used? (Color, shapes, lines, contrast)
  5. What principles of design has artists used? ( rhythm, symmetrical or asymmetrical  balance, unity, variety, focal point, directional forces, etcAnd how the above principles help to communicate meaning?
  6. Is there symbolic, abstract or metaphorical meaning behind this piece?
  7. Research on the history of this artwork or artists background leading to creating the work. Please provide the proper citation of sources, otherwise it would be considered a plagiarism.
  8. What do you think artist tried to express? What is the meaning of this artwork?
  9. How this work relates to a contemporary society, history etc.?

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