Theater gote assignment | Literature homework help

For this assignment, we will be working with our open scenes. But we will be challenging ourselves to really try to understand objectives and intentions behind the scenes. We need to know not only the full context of your open scene, but what your character is doing and feeling. 

1. Go to the Open Scenes document. You will pick one of the three scenes. 

2. As we did in ‘class,’ you will be filling in the details (the given circumstances and the objectives) for this scene. 

3. Using the GOTE worksheet, each student answer the nine questions based on the scenario you came up with. Be detailed, be thorough. In real life we can answer all of these questions throughout our day–so, too, should an actor be able to do this for any scene. (You will pick only one of the characters to write from their POV.)

4. Upload your completed GOTE Worksheet here. 

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