Week 5 discussion post: geeta kothari’s “if you are what you eat,

Week 5 Discussion Post: Geeta Kothari’s “If You Are What You Eat, Then What am I?” (25 points = 2.5% of final grade)

Word Count: 250-500 Words

Due Date: Friday, June 12

Your task for this post is to reflect on Kothari’s literacy narrative. Unlike Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue,” Kothari’s essay focuses on fluency and understanding in the realm of food, and food’s relationship to more complex concepts like culture, identity, family, and nationality. Your post could focus on the following questions:

  • How does Kothari’s essay make you think about your own relationship to food?
  • What aspects of Kothari’s essay did you find especially surprising or moving? Why?
  • How does Kothari’s essay challenge your preconceived notions about India and Indian food?
  • How “fluent” do you think you are in the food you associate most with your personal life?

Drafting Requirements:

Be sure to separate each idea of your post into its own paragraph.


Content (ideas, claims, evidence): 85%

Mechanics: (grammar and punctuation): 15%

Here is the lecture:


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